Club Joker City

66.082,00(VAT incl.)

Fully-fledged campervan which suits into your pocket!

  • Only 4.89m long!
  • Pop-up roof
  • Toilet and shower

The Club Joker City also has many years of loyal service behind it and has been completely redesigned. In fact, you can consider it as the brother of the Club Joker, with the only differences that the Club Joker City has a pop-up roof and is 60 cm shorter. Furthermore, it has a shower and toilet at the back and a fully equipped kitchen. Of course, this new model is standard equipped with the famous Westfalia quality finish, and you can enjoy years of enjoyment from the hard-wearing materials and ingenious solutions that make this Club Joker City a real Westfalia Camper!

Club Joker City