Kepler One

76.350,00(VAT incl.)

The one and only Westfalia Campervan based on the VW T6!

  • Modest and discreet
  • Full equipment
  • Westfalia finish

The Westfalia Kepler One, is based on the Volkswagen T6. You can choose between 3 engine versions (102/150/198pk) in automatic or manual & optional 4Motion version. Ideal for daily commuting.

With its limited height of 1.99m, the Kepler One is no adventure too much. Once you arrive at your destination, it can be transformed into a modest and inconspicuous campervan, but with all the capabilities and equipment of its bigger brothers.
Not to mention the exceptional quality of finish. The Kepler One is the perfect synergy between a car and a motorhome, in terms of both layout and finish quality. Westfalia has long been a supplier to the largest car manufacturers and all Westfalia motorhomes meet the strictest quality standards of the automobile sector.

Kepler One