Buy a campervan

More and more Belgians are opting for holidays with a camper van, and there is a very good reason for that. Campers like these are easy to drive, wonderfully comfortable and affordable too. You can easily pay more than 50,000 euros for a complete motor home, or even several times that amount. But you can also buy a camper van for as little as 35,000 euros, or the price of a family car. It is an attractive investment that guarantees years of holiday fun. And the freedom it gives you is completely free of charge!

Converted van

A camper van is actually a converted van. You can think of it as a mini house on wheels. Campers are available in different sizes and finishes. The main difference in format has to do with the number of berths. A standard camper usually sleeps two, but there are also camper buses with four or even more berths. Usually these are campers with an alcove: a space built above the driving seat that serves as a double bed.

Buying a camper van

As we have already said: people who buy camper vans today enjoy considerable comfort. The newest generation of campers have a living area, kitchen, mini bedroom and usually a small bathroom with a toilet as well. A standard kitchen has two or three gas rings, a fridge and a sink. But if you have the budget for it, you can extend that package to include options such as an oven or microwave, freezer and extraction hood.

The great thing about a camper bus is that you only need an ordinary driver’s licence to drive it. So you don’t need to go and take special driving lessons or pass extra tests. You can just get in and drive off.

From Adria to Westfalia

We support you all the way from A to Z when you buy your camper van. That is to say: from Adria to Knauw to Westfalia, because the various camper brands offer a range of different vans. We will help you find the perfect solution that suits you best. This means you will soon be driving off into the distance with a single mission: fun, fun and even more fun.