How do you take bicycles with you in the campervan?

Thursday 21 January 2021
On an adventure with the campervan? Then bicycles are a
must! A quick trip to the bakery, a trip to town or a mountainbike ride in the
area. With bicycles at hand, you can leave the motorhome behind and go off on
your own. But how do you take your bikes with you in a campervan?

Bikes in the campervan

Campervans are becoming increasingly better and more practical in terms of being able to safely transport bikes. In most models, you can fold up the twin beds to make room for bikes or other luggage. The disadvantage is that you have to take the bikes out when you want to sleep. The smartest version is a double lift bed at the back. This way, you can use the bed at any height and keep the bicycles in the motorhome overnight. This system is already available on Adria, Knaus and Dreamer! And the Thule VeloSlide can also be very handy here: you can easily load the bikes and secure them for safe transport.

Tip: be sure to check beforehand if your bikes will fit in the campervan. Do your bikes not seem to fit? Then you can buy (electric) folding bikes or have a bike rack mounted on the back of the camper.

Bicycle rack on the chassis of the van

Another very good option are bicycle racks mounted on the chassis of the van. MEMO-Europe develops bicycle racks for motorhomes. This rack is mounted on the van chassis. And best of all: these are the only racks that allow you to get in the back without having to take the bikes off, which is very handy. Thanks to a hinge, you can swing the rack to the side with the bikes still on it. Moreover, you can choose between racks with hinges on the right side or racks with hinges on the left side, depending on what you find more convenient. With the hinge on the right, the rack swings to the right, which is safer when parked on the side of the road. With the hinge on the left, the rack swings to the left and you do not have to walk around the rack to get in the back. This rack also comes in very handy with the James Cook with slide out.

Bicycle rack on the tow bar of the campervan

If you do not have a tow bar, our technicians can install one for you at a reasonable price. For large motorhomes, there is a reinforcement of the chassis involved, so this option will be a lot more expensive. However, this is not necessary for campervans, making the tow bar a very interesting option. Please note that you will have to go back to the inspection when you have the tow bar fitted to your car.

Tip: order the tow bar when you order a new campervan and it will automatically be inspected during the first inspection, saving you the expense of an extra inspection.

Once you have a tow bar, you can easily use the same system that you put on a normal car. In our web shop, you will find Thule and Uebler bike racks, which you can easily and safely install on your tow bar. Please note that you will not be able to open the back doors once the bikes are on the rack (even with a foldable rack).

Bicycle rack on the back of the van

As a very last option you can also hang a bicycle rack on the back of the van.

For vans with a double door at the back, there is a bike rack that hangs on one of the two doors so you can easily open the other door with the bikes still on it. For typical Volkswagen vans with a rear back door, this Thule Wanderway bike rack is a popular product: convenient and affordable.

Be careful when opening the (trunk) doors, on which the bike rack hangs. We regularly see damage when the doors are opened when charged too heavy a load. It is therefore best to remove the bicycles before opening the door, otherwise there is a chance that you will overload the hinges or pumps, even if it is only once a crack.

Tip: remove the battery from e-bikes before transporting them, as this makes them much lighter.

Mandatory signs

If your bike rack is at the back of the motorhome (not if it is on a tow bar), it is compulsory to hang a sign. To protect the bicycles from the wind and weather, you can use a bicycle cover. In this way, the bicycles are also hidden from thieves.

Technical experience at Vanomobil

Are you planning on buying a bike carrier? Then please contact our after sales service. Our technical specialists have years of experience in advising and assembling bike carriers. Moreover, they can easily adapt each assembly to your specific situation. Thus, we have already done a number of special implementations.