Is the insurance of a campervan expensive?

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The insurance of a motor home doesn't have to be expensive. Keep in mind that you're driving with not just an average car, but with quite expensive car with a value between 30 000 en 60 000 euro. The first years of life a motor home remains a lot of value, but the risk of damage for a unskilled camper driver is bigger than a experienced driver. Choosing for a comprehensive insurance policy may be the perfect option for an unskilled driver.

In fact you need to take two factors in mind to determine the payment rate:

  1. The value of the motor home
  2. The power of the engine (the kilowatt (Kw))


  1. The value of your motor home is 35 000 euro
  2. the power of the engine 81 KW
  • You will have already a civil liability insurance of 200 euro
  • if you want to have a comprehensive insurance it will kost about 640 euro

your personal broker suits perfect to compose a campervan insurance, but there are also a number of brokers which are specialists in the insuring of a camper: VTK-verzekeringen, Ruwelka, D&L verzekeringen