Before buying a campervan...

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Buying your first campervan is never easy and there are several reasons for. There is an abundance of choice, some many differents in motorisation, lay-out, finishing, equipment, ... it's almost looks like gambling to find the right campervan. Even the seller has difficulties to discover the necessary information even though he asks the right questions to discover your needs.

the requirements you have as a new campervan user will certainly evolve as you use te camper and discover this way of traveling. First of all you need to make different journeys before you buy a camper. The best thing you can do is renting a campervan, or ask a friend if you may borrow his camper to discover this way of traveling. This trip wil help you to discover the essential need for you and the rest of your family.

The best recommandation we can give is the following: Buy a second hand camper at a official motor home company, in addition, you have one year warranty so the risk to waste your money is minimal. The advantage of a second hand camper is that you're in the possession of a motorhome for al longer period at a relatively cheap price, and a second hand camper loses only 5% of his buying-in value. Together with the costs of your insurance, the annual tax and possible storage costs you can enjoy your camper the whole year at a relatively affordable price.

You need to be very attentive when you buy a second-hand camper at a private person. The camper may have hidden defects which the owner didn't tell you. Besides, the price of a second-hand camper will be sometimes unrealistic high at the second hand market, in specific for popular camper models.